Important Updates to the Videos


WordPress.COM for membership sites

This entire archive was created in WordPress.COM which is different to the original EBU website, which used WordPress.ORG.

WordPress.ORG is free software you set up on your own web-host. Its distinguishing feature is the availability of plug-ins – add-on software you can buy (many are free) to augment your site. A good example is Digital Access Pass, which allowed us to set up a membership site. To use you need to select and pay a monthly fee for a web-host and install it there.

WordPress.COM is actually a free web-host, run by WordPress, and automatically having WordPress as the operating system, so to speak. There is a free version and also some other paid versions. There is no installation. You just go to, sign in and create blogs and pages almost immediately.


If you are searching Google for WordPress information, it is important that you understand the two systems are different.

In the original website we used WordPress.ORG, which is free (although the plugins and software used with it, such as Optimizepress, are not), and originally self-hosted on We moved from Bluehost to Liquidweb and obtained excellent service, albeit at a price.

This type of self hosting can be very expensive and more complex than it looks. Because we needed plenty of bandwidth we reluctantly opted for a VPS (Virtual Private Server). This was costing about $150 a month but it still had times when the service went down.

Part of the reason it went down was from attacks by hackers and ne’er-do-wells who target the weaker WordPress installations. Suddenly, site security became a big issue both from the point of view of costs and well as complexity.

We had to buy extra services, such as, who filtered visitors to the site. Then the site was covered by Cloudproxy, who provided a second level of insurance against hackers. Then we had monitor the site at regular intervals looking for any breaches in which malware could have compromised the site. Then we had automated back-up services. Then we used Optimizepress to give us complete versatility in web-page creation. Then another 20 or so plug-ins. To be honest it became a bit nightmarish both from the point of view of complexity but also costs. We were paying over £200 a month for a site.

When we archived the site (to save costs), became a no-brainer…

  • It’s free.
  • There are no bandwidth issues worth worrying about (some free blogs have millions of hits).
  • No issues concerning security. WordPress.COM do not allow plug-ins and the entire system is controlled and upgraded by WordPress. Basically it’s tamper-proof.
  • If you need extra utilities, such as presenting videos on the same page, you can upgrade at very reasonable cost. (We use links to an external video site – for smaller videos you could use YouTube, for example…


You will see in our main videos that you can set up your eBooks either as a series of simple eBook sites (Multi-eBooks) or create a complete business focused on one niche (the eBook Business). will do everything you need for a simple eBook site, or series of sites, but for a full business you would need a membership site system and that, as far as we can tell, requires WorPress.ORG. At least at the time of writing. Please note that we use for our MEMBERSHIP sites. For our basic eBook sales pages we use…


If you go to you will see that we are using to host this page. Indeed all our single-page eBook home pages are on Weebly. These pages are free, and we are using free themes as designs. This is perfect for new eBook writers because your set-up costs are zero. Everything is free (unless you want some of the upgrade facilities) and our only cost is the domain name for each book. We use Networksolutions and also Godaddy for domain names and use their web-forwarding facility to redirect the domain to the relevant weebly page.


Clickbank have been changing their systems and terms of service in such an arrogant and dictatorial way, it has reached the point where we simply don’t trust them anymore. There are many cases where, on a whim, they simply close accounts without telling the account owner, all without reason given. The money in those accounts disappears as well. They also add charges to accounts as they see fit, all without telling you, or giving you any room for discussion. Nothing is worse than a payment provider who simply closes accounts, takes the money away, and refuses to give details. Therefore, if you use Clickbank you would be well advised to keep your payment threshold low.


Although early days, we are taking a serious look at (please note that Click2sell.COM is not the same). First impressions are good and we have one of our best authors using their full service. We are exploring their Hybrid platform in which all purchases go directly to our PayPal account and affiliate commissions are sorted out by us making a deposit in Click2sell’s ‘balance’ account, for paying affiliates. Therefore all payments are under our control and Click2sell cannot steal any of it, which is a refreshing change. Click2sell is based in Lithuania which is a full member of the EU and subject to the EU’s financial controls, which is more than you can say of Clickbank.