SE Download

How to Download Success Engineering (+Luck Engineering)

    1. Keep a note of this page’s url in case you need to return to it. It’s time limited.
    2. Click this link:

    3. You will see a folder on the left hand side called L + S Engineering

    4. Look for the Download button near the top right hand side of the page
    5. Click the Download button
    6. Download the file to your computer. Note where on your machine you have filed it. If you can’t find it, search for a file called
    7. This is a zip file. Most computers will open it automatically when double-clicked.
    8. When open, you will see a second folder called L+S Engineering 2
    9. Open this and read the Read Me txt file.

In case of a problem please email us.

(Please note we deal with these requests manually because we check the Paypal record to verify the transaction. Although most requests are dealt with promptly, please allow up to 48hours to accommodate weekends or workload. Our hours are 10am to 5pm UK London Time.)