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John H. email 28Jan15 regarding Second Chance

Truly inspirational! Hope, motivation and a detailed map of how to make your dreams a reality. Full of Phil’s wonderful blend of common sense and “out of the box” thoughts that leave you wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Add to that his extraordinary generosity in sharing cutting-edge, money making techniques on the internet, which would cost a fortune from anyone else, and you have a book which will change your life. Act on Phil’s advice; I did and made several thousand pounds in sales.



Second-Chance-219x300SECOND CHANCE

Phil’s most recent book.

From thinking you’re past it to suddenly realising you have evolved into something very special – and very powerful…

Discover why most people ‘over a certain age’ find themselves powerless, pushed aside by the young or stuck in jobs or situations forced upon us in earlier years. And then discover the amazing truth – we have not become old, we have evolved into a new phase of life that is full of opportunity. We have not become weak. We have become strong.

frontcovershadow-234x300SUCCESS ENGINEERING

“If Lady Luck has been avoiding you of late,
perhaps you’ve been looking for her in the wrong place …
Try Science”

Get this right, and the income you now enjoy, the lifestyle you currently have, the car you drive, is NOTHING in comparison to what you could have if you knew how the science of ‘success’ really worked.

YOUR VIEW OF THE WORLD, how you think it works, how and why you are where you are now, will have changed so completely that you will just sit there, stunned and amazed.

For probably the first time in your life you will realize that not only can you change your life and everything in it very quickly, but that you have already been doing it every minute of every day; you just didn’t know it.

You are about to find out how to change everything. How to reach out and take the success you’ve always wanted. The house, the car, the vacations, the income, are just a short read away.

And I will prove it to you.

An Internet Bestseller, Success Engineering sold 12,000 copies within days of launch.



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