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One of the UK’s most respected and trusted home publishing experts for over 20 years, Phil Gosling is an international writer, speaker and coach as well as an acclaimed expert on copy writing, direct mail, internet book publishing and the ‘nuclear physics of success’.

Bob Proctor

His outstanding book Success Engineering was an internet best-seller. The first hard copy version was originally produced and published by Bob Proctor’s LifeSuccess organization and is available on Amazon as well as its own website.

Phil’s latest book, Second Chance – How the Over 50s can Thrive and Prosper in the New World, has just been published.


Phil Gosling

A popular speaker, Phil has spoken at many seminars and public events in the UK, Europe and the USA and regularly conducted his own sell-out workshops. His work differs from many others in three main ways. Firstly he is a contrarian – the original ‘renegade lemming’ – often going against traditional methods and teaching. Secondly he has a passionate belief in the idea that there is an ‘X-Factor’ of success and always combines the two when coaching people so not only will they have the tools and information regarding home publishing techniques but also the mindset necessary to achieve success in home publishing, and also in any area they choose. And thirdly, he has never been afraid to speak out against sharp practice, profiteering or commercial sophistry within the UK’s business opportunity and related seminar industry.


Phil Gosling, Yanik Silver, Ted Nicholas and Peter Woodhead
Phil Gosling, Yanik Silver, Ted Nicholas and Peter Woodhead

One of the winners of the UK ‘Underground Internet Marketer’ awards presented by Yanik Silver, Phil was also a guest speaker at the sell-out UK Masters’ Seminar at La Manga, Spain with legendries such as Vince Stanzionne, Mike Chantry and the late John Gommes. He was an adviser to the former Guild of Wealth magazine and has written many best-selling books and home study courses such as:

  • The Secret of Used Car Buying
  • Pattern Theory
  • How to be a Successful Sales Representative
  • The Live the Dream Course
  • The Home Publishing Wizard
  • The Internet Marketing Wizard
  • Winners Watchdog Newsletter
  • The E-Type Journal
  • The Home Publishing Revolution Course
  • The Internet Publishing Revolution Course
  • Success Engineering
  • Secrets of Victorian Archery
  • The Webmaster’s Grammar Bible
  • Luck Engineering

Latest Publication:

  • Second Chance – How the Over 50s can Thrive and Prosper in the New World.

Shortly after Phil was born in 1951, his father suffered a stroke and eventually died leaving his mother to bring up the family on her own until he was ten. As a result Phil has a passion for helping single-parent families and quietly supports specific charities. One of only eleven children to have failed the 11+ exam at that time and still go on to university, he studied Physics before joining his stepfather’s business. He later formed his own freight forwarding company.

Phil Gosling with Jim and Terri Edwards
Phil Gosling with Jim and Terri Edwards

In 1985, after a partnership struggle, Phil left the freight forwarding business he had started and found himself unemployed with no useful qualifications, no prospects and a nervous breakdown. It was during those dark days that he became impelled to seek not only an alternative new life but also, once he found it, help others out of ‘that dark pit of hopelessness and debt’.

Phil had been introduced into Information Publishing in the mid ’70s and started to create his own publications, typically home study courses, usually sold by direct mail. You have to be good to survive in direct mail! He went full time in approximately 1992, the year that the World Wide Web started and took all the skills and common sense ideas he learned from direct mail and applied them to Internet marketing.

  • Phil was one of the first people to use PDF files to deliver expensive home study courses and created his own unique security system to help prevent piracy. Later, that same principle was used to protect the Harry Potter eBooks.
  • Phil’s study courses alone sold over one million UKP’s worth (retail). When he launched Success Engineering, he sold in the region of 1000 copies in the first day and 12,000 copies within the first fourteen days.

Tired and mistrusting of the many get-rich-quick schemes and shadowy figures behind them, Phil wants to put people on the right path with the right teaching and resources. In the eBook University Phil once again broke new ground, helping people achieve their dreams the same way as he did, but without the pitfalls. Many people have been on Phil’s database for over 10 years. The fact that people feel part of a group – a family – is inherent with Phil’s vision and is a unique development in success teaching.

He lives on the Derbyshire Dales, has been married for 39 years to Denise, with four children and an RSPCA rescue dog called Holly, a Shepherd/ Malamute cross. His green hobbies include caravanning and traditional Long Bow archery, in which he always hits the target but not necessarily his own. His other hobby is motor racing marshaling; he is part of the MSA emergency services team and has officiated at several Grands Prix.

Phil retired from active service in May 2015 to become ‘a gentleman of leisure and independent means living a life of quiet reflection and study’ – which is all he ever wanted…

Dexter. Died 26 July 2014. A noble, courageous and much missed canine friend.
Dexter. Died 26 July 2014. A noble, courageous and much missed canine friend.
Half-Baked Alaskan in full alert mode...
Half-Baked Alaskan in full alert mode…


Silverstone 2013 British Grand Prix Emergency Services. About to heroically rescue a packet of fish & chips.
Silverstone 2013 British Grand Prix Emergency Services. About to heroically rescue a packet of fish & chips.