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This website is the new home of The eBook University course on eBook writing and publishing.

Phil Gosling has now retired and this site is an archive of all the videos and teaching courses previously published on the original theebookuniversity.com membership website.

It will allow current members to access all the training videos they have subscribed to in a simpler format.

New members are still invited.

Because Phil has now retired, he is no longer able to continue the intensity and regularity of support requests. Phil still monitors requests and replies when and if he can do so. Therefore no response time is given or implied.

Also, because software and websites constantly evolve, it is not possible to update the videos. Therefore some of the training videos may have content that has now been superseded by new systems or software. Nevertheless, the principles of successful eBook publishing remain largely unchanged, and someone watching our video on (for example) creating covers using Microsoft Powerpoint, will simply have to become familiar with how the new version of Powerpoint works. Having done so, the process is the same.

For these reasons the new pricing structure for this website is much cheaper than the original which was up to date and offered full support.


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